We can provide a casual workforce to delivery quality programs on a face-to-face basis or via online support. We also create and support a digital MOOC’s like solution for a number of clients too.



A comprehensive process involving not only designing the assessment in collaboration with our partner but also building quality systems to maintain consistency of that assessment.



Ensuring that all content is up to date and relevant. In a world where the internet is only a brief look at a student’s mobile phone away, currency in material is a critical element. Let us help design it for you.

In conjunction with the Suzhou New District Industrial Park we have established a Registered Training Organisation for our China based Vocational Education and Training clients. Compliant with Chinese training organisation law and meeting all immigration/visa requirements, the SND Training Hub offers a central point to expand your training operations into the rest of China.

We provide a range of supervisors and assessors to work with students and lecturers. These supervisors and assessors work under a very comprehensive quality control system ensuring maximum outcomes while managing balance of human resources.
With more than ten years experience in working with French Business Schools across a range of support areas – delivery, assessment and content – we are well equipped to provide a range of solutions. The French Business School system is quite unique and serves specific needs of the French student and the French state. We are well aware of this and have built systems and solutions accordingly.

Why Choose Us

  • Fully responsive to and compliant with the changing regulatory education and training environment

  • Putting student outcomes at the centre of the discussion

  • Nearly 15 years experience in the international education sector

  • A broad range of services – from local sessional teachers filling gaps to large volumes of assessment that need to be assessed/graded

  • Regular and detailed client contact