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Off-shore In-class to On-line to In-country study tours/experiential learning

Where delivery was once the domain of professors or instructors standing in a room and delivering their wisdom to a group of keen listeners, the world had now moved on. True, the classroom or training facility is still important but now more than ever we are looking to other ways to deliver our message. Complementing the on-shore and off-shore education programs we run, we now have programs that provide on-the-job mentoring, internship-driven experiential learning, the digital interface, study tours and so on.

Traditional Teaching

The classroom and training facility are still a critical element

In the classroom

Content experts who are able to engage with their students

A Digital Solution

Integrating a full complement of digital delivery solutions is critical

Blended Learning

Bringing a range of complementary digital resources to the student

Experiential Learning

Stepping outside the classroom into the real world

Stepping Out

Getting outside the classroom to be part of a study tour or internship

Training the Trainer

Ensuring professional development of those doing the delivery

Ensuring Competence

Providing a comprehensive range of training programs for our teaching/training staff

Some of our Services

At Manage Educational we are committed to maintaining the highest teaching and training standards we can. By bringing the latest teaching best-practice to our professional development program, we ensure those delivering our courses are at the bleeding edge of delivery

Why Choose Us

  • Globally providing staff throughout the Asia-Pacific region
  • Experiential solutions that are not necessarily tied to the classroom
  • All educators and trainers have extensive professional experience in their field
  • Our trainers and educators participate in a world class professional development program
  • Tailored programs that are developed for clients specifically rather than taken from the shelf

What Client’s Say

We were running a program in China and lacked a few lecturers in key areas such as finance and human resources. Manage Educational was able to provide us with staff at short notice and to tailor programs that met our curriculum and syllabus requirements. We couldn’t have been happier.

Tim, Program Director, Australian University
We weren’t really sure what to do with our very large cohort of dissertation students. Well over 150 of our students are required to complete this piece as part of their MSc requirement. More than anything, Manage Educational provided a very practical solution that enabled our students to come to terms not just with the research methodology they needed but also the very nature of how to frame a dissertation for a program such as ours.
Pauline, Program Director, Globally ranked UK University, China Campus