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From face-to-face teachers to the digital experience

Content is perhaps one of the most difficult elements of education to provide. In an increasingly dynamic world, it has become a critical element in the education process that is often forgotten. For many of instructors and academics, it would seem acceptable to recycle old material, make a few small changes and present this as new learning.

It’s clear that it is not the preference of instructors to do this but it seems almost unavoidable in this fast paced educational world where very little opportunity or resource is provided to these hard working people. Add to this the competition that digital devices throw up and the need for some kind of dynamic content is obvious.

Designing Material

We work with the institution to develop client-specific solutions


Student are hungry for insight they can relate to and provides real learning

Keeping it Current

Providing the latest and most insightful solutions is also important


Never before has a generation had such information at it’s fingertips

Keeping it Relevant

Bleeding edge solutions that reflect the heart of best practice


A mix of seminal thinking with the latest breakthroughs is critical

The Content Experts

Each member of our team specialises in a particular area of content


Ours is not a ‘content-mill’ like some but a team of seasoned experts

Some of Our Services

We provide content development services over a broad spectrum. Our solutions comprise material used in a face-to-face environment just as much as they provide material for the online/digital environment – or a blend of both. We are up for the challenge.

Why Choose Us

  • Very experienced teaching and instructional staff drawn from a global talent pool
  • Original material specifically designed to meet the needs of your teachers and students
  • Filling the gaps in your teaching requirement where you are unable to fill a spot
  • Bleeding edge technology utilised in the construction and delivery of material
  • OA passion for excellence in creating content that remains relevant and timely

What Clients Say

Our business school has been using ManageEducational to provide as much as 1200 hours of outsourced teaching a year. Their commitment to a quality process and to the integration with our own curriculum is exemplary. Our own staff – admin and teaching – work extremely well alongside the ManageEducational teachers. ME’s own admin staff are a great complement to the overall outcome they create.
Paul, Dean of Foreign Business School based in China
Our content was tired and dated and we need to rejig a little if we were to remain relevant. We were able to retain specific ManageEducational staff to both teach on our programs but also to assist some of our own staff with their content development and management issues.
Jean, Program Director, Business School