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Exams – Assignments and Term Papers – Dissertation Supervision, Grading and Examination

Much of the academic and vocational education world has shifted a great deal of its workload from full time to casual and part time. Classes are larger and the workload remains heavier than ever for those fulltime staff forced to carry this heavy load.

At ManageEducational we have tried to create a quality drive and client-focused assessment process that helps lift the weight of assessment from the shoulders of our fulltime colleagues.

Examination Grading

Ensuring a balance between quality grading and managing large volumes

Assessment fundamentally

In designing assessment we are careful to ensure that assessment lines up with learning objectives

Assignment & Term Paper

Preparing the paper through to assessing it - all on a strict timeline

We are good at Grading Papers

It’s what we do best. From 50 to 5000 papers. No job too big or small.

Dissertation Supervision

Managing the student’s timeline and academic learning throughout

Keeping an eye on the thesis

Bachelor and master theses are tricky and can often come unstuck if not properly managed.

Competency Based

A cornerstone of the vocational education offering

To do what you say you can do

In the vocational education space it’s all about competency.

Some of Our Services

We are driven by maintaining a process of quality control over all of our assessment. We carefully map out each client’s requirement and match it against our best practice approach. Working to timelines and student/client outcomes is what it’s all about for us.

Why Choose Us

  • Large volumes at short notice are not an issue for us
  • Graders and assessors of the highest calibre and qualification
  • Master and bachelors dissertation supervision and grading a speciality
  • Rubric driven and quality guaranteed process at our core
  • Firmly committed to the process of competency based training

What Clients Say

We were keen to outsource our bachelor’s assignment grading as the volumes had become too high for full time academic staff to manage and the quality of casual staff had become questionable. Manage Educational provided a 60 student pilot program where we were able to assess their capabilities and quality and thus felt reassured to use them on future programs.

Zhang, Program Director, Chinese University
It’s so important to us that we maintain the integrity of our vocational offering and that nothing – including assessment – decrease the quality of our offering. Reviewing Manage Educational’s process driven approach to quality reassured us that this would remain the case.
Bill, Off-shore program co-ordinator, Vocational Education and Training Institution